Company of the Week – Genians

Genians was established in 2005 with the goal of developing specialized software for network security with a group of experts in the field of information security.

Network Access Control (NAC), the company’s flagship product, is a solution that can protect the network and control threats by identifying, authenticating, and controlling users or various devices accessing the network. It is a security product that can manage when and where you are accessing in real time.

It has the No. 1 market share in Korea in the NAC field, and is strengthening its market dominance in the field of endpoint-based advanced threat detection and response solutions (EDR) based on its proprietary technological competitive advantage.

Genians’ “Cloud NAC” detects, identifies, and classifies IT assets connected to the network in real time through “DPI (Device Platform Intelligence),” a specialized terminal identification and detection technology. It additionally provides extended information and threat (vulnerability) information for security management and operation. In addition, the use of the cloud protects the connection point in various networking environments such as VPN, xDSL and 5G, while ensuring least privileged access and MFA (multi-factor authentication).