Rental Inquiry


• Small business IT company with export capability


Move-in Procedure

① Document Submission
② The primary document review
③ Secondary screening by experts
④ Final selection and move-in contract


Document Acceptance

Required Documents
• Application for moving in to the IT center
• Company Introduction (English)
• Business plan for local expansion
• Notarized copy of financial statements
• 1 copy of business registration certificate
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• Depending on the size and location, rent to be paid monthly in advance
• 3 years from moving in: $2.50/SF~$2.60/SF (New company discount price)
• 4 to 6 years: $3.20/SF~$3.60/SF

• 3 months’ rent, which must be paid to the head office before moving in

• The contract proceeds on a 1-year basis, and the tenancy period is extended on a yearly basis (Up to 6 years)


Move-in Inquiry

• Yunsoo Mo, Manager | Email:, +1.408.432.5000