Startup that improves work efficiency – Typed

If you open a lot of tabs and various programs and do research, you get confused where and what information was there, and if you look up the information again, a lot of time is wasted, which reduces work efficiency. According to Mckinsey, this operational inefficiency is costing businesses with 1,000 or more employees more than $30 million in annual losses.

Business Canvas is a platform start-up company that has developed ‘Typed’, a document-based knowledge management solution that helps to create documents more efficiently by overcoming these problems.

Typed can be installed as an extension of Google Chrome, and various file formats such as website (URL), PDF, Word, Excel, etc. can be viewed on one platform without a separate program, and data are stored through the backlink function that makes it easy to find related data.

You can see the relationship between the documents and the documents at a glance. In addition, the search function makes it easier to find the information you need from the data you have collected. In the future, a curation function that recommends necessary materials in advance when writing documents will be added.

After launching the Closed Beta Test (CBT) in February of this year, we are constantly improving it through user feedback. You can try the beta version of Typed for free through the company website.