The Basics of Digital Marketing Part 1

Thanks to the strengths such as low cost compared to offline marketing, high utilization through big dataization of customer information (age, gender, interest, etc.), and reach across borders, and the rapidly digitized world due to a pandemic, digital marketing is It has become an integral part of business strategy.

The three key elements (3 C’s) in digital marketing are target audience, content, and channel. Continuous analysis and coordination through marketing effectiveness monitoring is also very important.

Target Customer (Customer)

Effective digital marketing starts with defining your target audience and their characteristics. According to the purpose, customers can be defined by dividing them into potential-inflow-conversion-new-purchase-repurchase-loyalty stages. Persona techniques are often used in defining customers.

Persona technique refers to a virtual model that represents the characteristics of various users who use a specific product or service (basic profile, disposition, personality, preferred channel, product preference, etc.) It is the basis of the marketing campaign and is very helpful in judging the performance of marketing campaigns.

After determining the target customer, the next step is a customer journey analysis of which selection process the customer goes through until purchasing. The stages of the customer journey are divided into recognition → exploration → comparison/experience → purchasing → sharing → follow-up management. At each stage, you need to figure out what actions or choices the customer will make and plan a strategy to guide them to the next stage.

For example, if we look at the journey of a customer who wants to purchase golf clubs, he encounters golf-related videos and advertisements posted by his friends on Instagram (recognition) → He is interested in golf and searches for golf clubs (search) → Related to various golf clubs Read reviews (comparison/experience) → Choose the most suitable club (purchase) → Participate in an event that earns points by leaving a review (share) → You will be notified of other golf equipment promotion events by email (post-management) have. In order to analyze the customer journey, there is a way to use the customer journey map.