Bay Area Coronavirus Outbreak

2020-01-31 05:31
o The Santa Clara Public Health Department confirmed that there was a new coronavirus confirmed in Santa Clara County from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today on Friday, January 31. It was revealed as the seventh confirmed case.

o Officials from the authorities said at a press conference, a man living in Santa Clara County went from Wuhan, China to Shanghai, on January 24. He said the news could be worrisome after returning to the Bay Area, but said the risk to the people in the community is still low, given the possibility for weeks being prepared.

o Our compatriots and tourists visiting the region must refrain from visiting China, wash their hands, use a portable hand sanitizer, cover their sleeves with cough, and wear a mask. If it appears, please call your doctor or other medical personnel (Urgent Care at night) before visiting the hospital to take special precautions so that pre-quarantine measures can be taken to prevent secondary damage.