Silicon Valley IT Center


Market Research

Provides key information such as Silicon Valley daily news, customized market research, and specialized agency data

Silicon Valley trend information

• Provides information on local trends in Silicon Valley companies and industries in e-mail newsletter

Market research tailored to tenant companies

• Providing information such as market trends and related exhibitions, customized market data surveys by tenant companies to enter the North American market

Providing reports of specialized market research institutes

• Providing a report from an ICT research institute

Customized service

We provide customized services by assigning dedicated staff for each tenant company
• Providing buyer information
• Providing related market trends
• Providing corporate promotion support by assigning dedicated staff for each tenant company
• Conference participation guidance and support

Marketing Support Services

We support overseas exhibitions and export consultations to advance into overseas markets

Support for participation in exhibitions

• Support for participation in the world’s largest security exhibition RSA
• Support for semiconductor equipment export consultation
• Guide and support for participation in trade shows & conferences
• Business conference events information

Legal Advice Support

We provide consultation with experts in each field necessary to enter the US market

Patent and intellectual property

• Patent and intellectual property rights

Incorporation services

• Providing legal advisory services for Korean companies to establish a US corporation

Service range

• Legal consultation support, customized market information and specialized marketing information provision, etc.