What’s next for AI in 2023?

2022 is the year AI models unleash their creativity, with AI models now making significant strides, including generating compelling text, photos and videos, and MIT Technology Review talks about four expected AI trends for 2023 at this point. box

First, preparations will be made for multi-purpose chatbots that can handle more than simple language, and will evolve to respond to images in natural language by combining language and image technologies.

Second, so far the AI industry has had few rules governing the use and development of technology, but now regulators and legislators are challenging companies for harm, for example by banning the use of facial recognition in public places, invading privacy, and making unfair decisions by algorithms. will prepare new laws related to AI, such as the responsibility of

Third, big tech companies that have dominated AI research so far are undergoing large-scale layoffs and employment freezes, making it more prudent to select projects to invest in in the future. will increase

Fourth, pharmaceutical and biotechnology will usher in a new era, such as AI-designed drugs, although clinical trials may take more than a few years.